Gardena in Shimokitazawa / Flower Bar

Through Window

This Plate is Included 
Sometimes visiting bar is difficult.... when I am alone.  With male friends or female friends, no problem.

Some of my current friends are from cafes and bars of my town.... I met them at cafe/bar and became friends.

I feel sometimes it may look like I'm looking for a man.

( I wasn't looking for a woman, either..I'm straight. )  I shouldn't be too self-conscious..yet something was uncomfortable that day.

I guess it depends on the culture also.
Here in Japan, drinking alone doesn't mean much. ( usually )

Anyways, this bar is surrounded by flowers and they gave me this nice plate.
It's included in the charge....
Flower Bar Gardena:
Open except for Mondays and Tuesdays:
Address:2-34-6 Kitazawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, Japan

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