Fukushima Nuke Plant Status ?

You may be wondering what is going on with Fukushima Nuke Plant since then....I haven't written about it.  It is difficult to update since the condition of those 4 plants are changing constantly ( or the things TEPCO or government say change constantly ) plus the details are not fully reported officially.

I'll see how it goes and try to provide some information.

Thank you for checking my blog.  I am doing well and eating 3 meals a day... lucky me.  While I work on my own projects and other works given, I shouldn't forget people affected in Iwate and Miyagi as well as those in Fukushima.

( I have made tags...however, I haven't tagged properly enough.  For instance, "Pray for Japan " has not been tagged to those posts mentioning about disaster.  Will try to polish my blog and posts when I fine time ! )

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laurie said...

I understand you're situation,, well not really but I know it must be very hard to report these things,, I'm certainly glad you're OK but pray that the others who are in danger are kept safe and informed.