Flyer / Poster Design of the Parade

Sorry, it took time to sort out this problem... I don't know what happened , but somehow new editor of the blog hasn't been working and I switched back to old editor.

It was held on May 5th... children's day... so it was called Setagaya Energy shift 55 Parade !

I was given the flyer when I saw the movie " Rokkasho Rhapsody" at the temple.

As mentioned before, I am not special activist and this time, I was feeling something needs to be done to appeal... personally I hadn't paid much attention to nuke power plant, but this time, I felt so sorry for the people who had to evacuate from the area... they didn't do anything wrong... they had to abandon all their lives and as of today, they don't know when they can go home etc..etc...

I don't want anybody experience the same ever again... it's that simple.... I feel this issue needs to be reconsidered and smart grid or whatever possible needs to take over this current measure to create energy....

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