Dinner with Relatives

Last week, I had dinner at my relative's place.   Three of us enjoyed the dinner together.

My aunt cooked all these... she wasn't feeling well for a while.  She thinks she is not a good cook, but she cooked all these and curry&rice.  I enjoyed all these.

Top is tofu.... as you already know.
Usually, I add grated ginger and soy sauce, but she was using wasabi.  That was sensational discovery for me.
This cold tofu is traditional and classic meal and without thinking I was assuming  " it has to be ginger." ( of course, for other meals I use wasabi for tofu )

Wasabi is also good.  Sometimes, you need to try different approach !
Left is mozuku...in dictionary, it says water clouds.... really ?  It's sort of sea weed.
Vinegar sauce is already seasoned and it tastes.... healthy...similar to ....hmmm.
I am trying to think of something so that you can imagine....hard to explain.

The salad had ham, sliced onion ( in spring, they are juicy and sweet ) and tomato.
Curry and rice, grilled chicken were served after this.  Usually, when I have dinner at home here, I can't cook so many dishes, so it was very special for me.

We tried to catch up with each other.... and enjoyed the reunion.

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