Dinner of May 7th and Edamame Tofu

Edamame Tofu

Dinner of May 7, 2011
Tofu is already international word and if you live in city area, you can find it at supermarket, I believe.  If not and if you and your neighbors are waiting for distribution of TOFU, let me know. :-)
I will tell the producers here.

How about Edamame Tofu ?  I know EDAMAME is also now English or international word as well.

Can you see this little green color ?
It IS good !  The topping is grated ginger.  I poured a tea spoonful soy sauce on it.  Yum!  I hope you can try it in your area.

Last night I was running to a movie.....
and had quick dinner.
The top right is soup.... using Chinese chicken soup powder.  Boil the water and added some powder.  Then, add beaten egg, chopped green onion and wakame ( seaweed ).  The rice is brown rice.   I would say from around October ( new rice harvesting season ) , I eat white rice.... for 4, 5 months.  For the rest of the year, I eat brown rice.

The movie ?  "  Herb & Dorothy"  Have you seen it ?

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