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Plate of May 20/2011
Clear Soup of Daikon Radish Leaves
Now I am ready to upload the story of Cafe Akari..... Let me show you this plate today. By the way, Akari means light, but this was named also after the owner's ( Yoko-san )dog.... meaning peaceful... fragrant and rational mind... ( in Chinese Characters we use, 安香理)。

Cafe Akari serves this one plate dish.
( At nights, they have some more as nibbles.  Please ask when you visit....it may vary depending on the day. I will give you directions and contact details.  The owner chef, Yoko-san speaks fluent English. )

The menu is usually announced on Twitter account... What I do usually is to check the menu beforehand.

I wanted to try their roasted dry gluten ( FU in Japanese ).

The top plate has....brown rice. ( clockwise ) then the pretty pink adding color to the plate is pickled myoga. ( This was really summery taste... refreshing plum flavor.... I love it ! )
Then, salad of bean sprouts and cucumber...this has Japanese plum powder.
Yoko-san is creative and flexible... in the morning, she says " I was going to make salad.. then realized the weather was pretty hot....something cooler, non-oily thing should be better ! ".   This had no-dressing.  Salt and plum powder only.  Summery taste.   She is like.... listening to the season.

Then the yellow cubes are sweet potato.  Shredded cabbage.

Roasted burdock and dry gluten.  They are breaded so,  taste like cutlet.  The burdock... taste bit like asparagus... I mean the texture wise..... Yoko-san steamed the burdock before frying.  

We had rainy week last week and then this week was really Summery.. this plate fit that weather and condition of my body. ( and mind. )

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