Bamboo Shoot & Ashitaba Soba noodle @ Shibuya Station

Bamboo Shoot & Ashitaba Soba
Bamboo Shoot is one of this season's foods, Ashitaba is well known in Japan for its nutrient effect.

On the way home, I was hungry and stopped by @ Shibusoba located on the 2nd floor of Shibuya station.

When I change train from JR or Toyoko line to Keio Inokashira line, I always pass this restaurant.

500 yen for this noodle, not bad, for I almost never make tempura at home.... it would make my kitchen too greasy....taking care of used oil is also troublesome.... ( at least during weekdays, I don't have time to do that.)  

Ashitaba Tempura is crispy.  I love it !  For details of Ashitaba, please let me use this.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ashitaba

Soba Noodle shop @ stations used to be for men..... nowadays, you can see many women eating there.  This place is " restaurant", but others on platforms are " soba noodle stand ".  There mostly men.... Still if I am hungry, I don't hesitate to step in and eat.  How can I explain ?  It feels I eat because I need to eat to get power and I don't care if it's for men or women.  I just need to eat there... simply !

However, you have to remember.... these girls ( I know I am not girl any more... I am more like BIG girl or middle aged. ) are called " Oyaji Gal" ( now it's just oyaji... middle aged man or big daddy, old man ) meaning Middle Aged Man Girl.  This word was created by Yutsuko Chusonji , a manga artist who passed away in 2005.  Her Manga described these girls whose lifestyle is just like middle aged men..... that's almost 20 years ago.... it's not trendy word any more.

This was tonight's dinner.  


laurie said...

wow,, that was the most enlightening post,,looks very tasty too!

Yasuko Watanabe said...

it was good !