" Angkor Wat " in Yoyogi --- Joshikai

Bean Vermicelli & Crab Meat
Joshikai--- meaning girls gathering.... the image is like Sex & City ( SATC ).

It's been used for this 2 years ... I guess. Joshi means girl(s) and kai means party, club or meeting.

We talk about anything.... depending on the group.  At some group,  relationships, work, business.... some another.... politics, trends, celebrities gossip.... anything could be discussed.
Last night, we talked about celebrities, how they actually look ( two girls are in fashion, model agency business ) etc.... fashion and beauty.

Ah, I have to admit that I gained some weight since March.  Blame nuke plant accident !  I tried to be careful to avoid unnecessary exposure to radiation and didn't run or walk outside.  I could have worked out at home, but I've been too lazy.

I will try to be back in shape.

Anyways, the dinner was great.  There was a rumor that they might close this place, but it turned out it was not true.  I 'm so glad.  Reasonable and tasty Cambodian place should be kept !  For three of us, the total price was little over 10,000 yen.

The flavor is similar to Chinese or Japanese.... different from Vietnamese.
Most of the dishes are mild.  The curry was bit spicy, but not too much.  The hottest, spicy dish was beef and vermicelli salad.  It is very hot, so be careful.

From JR Yoyogi station, come out from South exit.... walk toward Yoyogi Seminar direction.  Stay on the right side of the road.  You will see the placard.

When we realized, the place was packed.  So, reservation should be made in advance.    Here is another introduction by METROPOLIS.


For Series Shimokitazawa / Cafe AKARI, please wait till my report is confirmed by the owner chef.  Actually, I am trying to wrap up the memo.

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