Angel Box --- One Box a Month to Miyagi Prefecture


There is a project ( or operation ) called " Angel Box".

This is to send a box filled with food for 3 day supply to an evacuee in Miyagi prefecture.

You create your own gift box and pack it.  You don't know who will eat those.

I decided to send this once a month.
( Of course, it would be nice if I could send more often... but this is probably the best I can do... )

Below shows what I prepared.  Hope anybody who eat my box will enjoy it !
You think this helps people ?  Yes, I think so and hope so, but it was learning experience for me.  I am glad I actually did it.

1.  3 day Supply
We usually shop, cook and eat... or eat out.  There is no opportunity to see the amount of 3 day supply.  It's actually a lot.  Still I feel " I should have put that and that... oh, next time, I should do this and that. "  I also put 2litter bottle of water and another 1litter water bottle and 1 litter green tea bottle.  So, the box was real heavy.

2.  No Vegetable
It seems there are people who are cooking at the site, but some people are at home without basic infrastructure.   The direction said, " no vegetable or meat...fish... fresh products , please. "  I assume they are preparing vegetable, still in the news, it seems they don't have enough vegetable.  I included tomato juice, orange juice and carrot juice.  Canned corn, beans and pickled green vegetable and ginger... For us, eating full bowl of vegetable is ordinary thing.... I can imagine now it should be real hard life.

3. Appreciation for Everyday Supply
How fortunate we are.  I am eating food with no problem here at home.  That is really fortunate.  Again, I should thank to people who produced them and to the nature.

4. Even a bit, Feeling How They are and Be with their Soul
Maybe, what I am feeling is 1/1000,000 of their pain.  Still, it's worthwhile for me to learn that.  Without working on this box, I couldn't have felt it.

5.  Once a Month
By doing this once a month, I will remember them and keep support them in a way at least.  I am working on other supports also, but this habit will keep me thinking of them.

Thank you for reading my blog.
Food for 3 Days


Jan said...

I would love to do this but I fear the cost of shipping just the liquids only from the UK would be astronomical. And I'm not sure getting a box full of UK foods would be comforting? Don't we all crave a taste of home when we need comfort and reassurance?

Maybe I'll just stick to doing bake sales to raise funds for Japan Red Cross.

Yasuko Watanabe said...

Thank you Jan.

I think it's gonna cost you too much. That's why I didn't write the details this time.

I just think this is a good idea....there should be many individuals who want to do something , but one person cannot send much....in this way, without causing too much trouble... such as forcing somebody to assort the boxes etc.etc..... just an idea to help some community or any kind of evacuees, this idea could be used... So, just for you reference and if you could raise funds, that is of course, wonderful !


Anonymous said...

so kind you are,, that is something you can do that you know will help the people who need it,,