Worried about " Nice " Children

It seems children in quake/tsunami affected areas are coping with this difficulties quite well.  Adults say " they are the hope ".

This worries me.  They must have fears, feelings of loss, depression etc.... I'd like to say to them "You can cry.  Cry enough and then get up again. "

If they get used to holding back their feelings and try to be too nice.  They have to pay for it later... when they get older.   We shouldn't give them too much burden.
They are trying to please and encourage adults.  It's good to tell them " work together and be strong." , but at the same time, they need to relax and behave as children first.


Anonymous said...

Completely agree with you.

Yasuko Watanabe said...

Elle, there may be another perspective... maybe they are too scary and keeping their emotion in themselves could be better way to get over this current situation....I never know.... just imagining. I'll be watching them from far away and trying to be some help if there is anything I could be of.

Anonymous said...

Yes... we all find, over the time, our own ways to cope with our own emotions. Those kids reminded me too much of myself when I was their age, too scared to express myself to avoid others disappointment; sometimes I imploded and some others i'd digested things well and over the time I just learned to be observant, and deal with my own emotions with myself or express them in some other ways or with the right people and the right moment.

It'd be wonderful if they can express themselves through playing, drawing or giving them activities where they can feel they can help like doing some basic gardening (just to give an example, this is so therapeutic and they'll feel they're reconstructing their world while taking care of nature). In those ways, they wouldn't feel pressured to talk if they don't want to but they'd have their own catharsis by doing little positive actions.