What Should Japan Do ? What Should I Do ?

With this terrible situation what should Japan do ?

As to nuke plant, no.1 priority is to get the situation taken care of.
As for energy, we need to think about possible alteration and alternative solution.

With regards to economy and business, we will need to create new businesses.
Food products from quake affected area including Fukushima will have difficulty to sell for a while.  Travelers will not visit Japan for a while.  Entertainment business, which is my field, will also have difficulty for a while.... could be exported, but domestic market will have difficulty for a while. ( It has encouraging power, so hope it regains more audience.)

In any case, people will be more cautious to spend money.  The possible market to make more profit is in foreign market.  And certain business will grow within Japan.
Simple, reasonable and practical items and information such as IT businesses.
Also, after experiencing these, we realized we need something more sustainable and healthy.  This health is not only physical health, but psychological health, real network and traditional ( in a way something we weren't paying much attention) culture such as craft work, art..... will be valued again as assets.  My humble opinion, so let me hear how you think and how you would re-create the society if you were in this kind of situation...... any comments would be welcomed and feel free... I 'm open minded.

What could work for this country ?  I need to think.

I guess we just have to face the fact and do our best to get over this situation.

I do not feel immediate impact to my business, but I should be prepared and think how to power up my business/work and my company.  I should probably start studying more....

This is a big challenge for everybody here.... definitely difficult, still I'd like to struggle and move forward, for that's the only thing I can do at the moment.


Anonymous said...

I can't even imagine how stressful this is for Japan.I think your attitude is admirable,, really sometimes the only choice we have is to choose to be strong,,,your country is strong,,,no one can control Mother Nature,, she is unpredictable,,,thankyou for your words,,,I enjoy your blog very much,,,

Yasuko Watanabe said...

Dear laurie,

Thank you for the comment. I' m not really strong, but maybe that's why am trying to be strong.

I maybe stressed out, but I think it's important to realize it before burn out.

So, am having fun during weekend !

Anonymous said...

You know... one of the things I truly admire about your country and your culture is your ability to come out from rough situations, in the most efficiently and at the same time consciously way. You all want to be alright from the bottom of your heart, it's almost like a reflex... like breathing, and this ability automatically puts all the pieces together.

We don't have that, in my non-mature culture/society. That's why I admire you so. :)

Keep on going!

Yasuko Watanabe said...


Thank you for your nice words, nice way to put it.

Which country are you from ? Only if it's OK to ask, if not, fine, don't worry.

In any case, I will remember what you said here and try to keep on going !

Anonymous said...

Oh! it's ok! I'm living in Paraguay, in South America. :)

Yasuko Watanabe said...


Thank you for the response. Paraguayan !
So, you are Spanish speaking !

The other side of the earth.... I'm so curious how it is like over there......


Anonymous said...

Yeah... we speak Spanish and Guarani here, and we're in autumn now (although with a strange hot temperature for this season). :)