Vietnamese Sandwich @ Vi Sand Shimokitazawa

Inside the Shop 

Last night I had this dinner with my friend.  Vietnamese sandwich.

Beef & Lemon grass....with a hint of fresh coriander.  mmmm, it was delicious.

I've been to Vietnam only once.
That was 2 week trip with an American female friend and a Japanese male friend.
We flew in separately and gathered in Saigon ( Ho Chi Minh City ).
That was real adventure.... Vietnam was still on imposed embargo of US.  Interestingly, still they preferred to receive payments in US dollars.  We carried Vietnamese dong, but it gets so thick .... the change was dong, but we tried to pay in US dollars.

We stayed in Ho Chi Minh city for a few days and then took a day trip to Cu Chi... to see the tunnels used by Vietnamese people... you can go down and crawl in the tunnel... I guess they are still taking tourists there.  So narrow.  Also, we stopped by @ a temple.... Cao Dai Temple.... the mixture of all the famous religion.  I remember there was one big globe like an eye.   From Ho Chi Minh, we took a train to Nha Trang, a beach town and stayed @ a villa which used to belong to a government ... or officials' beach house.  At the station, there were vendors selling this sandwich... I was shocked... it was sooooo delicious.  The blended delicacy of Vietnamese flavor and French bread....there aren't many Vietnamese sandwich places in Tokyo.   So, I'm glad that they opened this shop here.  ( I guess it was opened in February this year.)

Just FYI, other cities we visited were... Hue, Hoi An, Da Nang.... @ Da Nang, if my memory is correct, we broke up and I flew to Hanoi and stayed there.

Food was good everywhere.... I enjoyed visiting all the beautiful temples, gardens or historical sites.... water puppet show and beautiful French architecture...

Hope I can visit Vietnam someday.... until then.... I need to come and eat here.

Vi-Sand in Shimokitazawa
@ Shimokitazawa station, exit to South side.  You will see McDonald's.  Turn right there.... you will see arcade game shops... on the left there will be DOCOMO shop.
Take a left.  Vi-Sand will be on your left.  They have alcohol also... all 500 yen.
Sandwiches are 550 yen.  They have dinner sets and other side menus as well.

2-12-3 Kitazawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo
11:00-16:00 for lunch.
18:00-23:00 for dinner.
Beef & Lemon Grass Sandwich

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