Udon for Lunch -- Hung Over ?

Simple Udon Noodle
Lunch of this Wednesday.
Very simple udon noodle.

Topping is fish sausage ( kamaboko )
and green onion and grated ginger.
( I love ginger and add grated ginger for anything. )

Tuesday night, I was hanging out with this friend who lost mother, brother and sister in law.

I guess we had too much drink.  She and another male friend had already finished 2 bottles of wine when I got there ( they started drinking @ noon ! ).
I ordered another bottle of wine and then before that, a grass of beer.

Then we moved to another pub and kept drinking....... no wonder.
I was able to have breakfast , but after that, I started feeling dizzy..... must be hung over.

No regrets though.  We had good time and although it was very sad occasion, I think she was bit released from tension and felt little relaxed by drinking.

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