Something Similar to Tohoku Evacuees' Dinner

Simple Dinner
Looks pretty simple.
For evacuees', this is still much better, I guess.  I should thank I can have these easily and also pray for them again.

Thanks to the international donation.
I learned that it takes time to allocate that money to these people.

They started receiving supplies, yet according to my friend who returned
Iwate prefecture , they haven't had enough vegetables yet.
An organization started checking their nutrition levels.... vegetables, protein and vitamines are short.

Rice Ball:
As you can see.  Simple.  Prepare steamed white rice and make it ball shape.
Put a pinch of salt into rice.  Today, I used UMEJIO ( plum flavored salt ).

Tonjiru:  or (Pork Miso Soup)
You can add more ingredients.  I usually add burdock root, but today I didn't have it.
thinly sliced pork ( cut into bite size / 50 g or handful ) . cut potato ( 1 ) , 1/3 cut carrot , 1/2 scallion , Dashi powder( 2 tea spoons ) , 2 cups of water. 1/2 table spoonful miso. ( to your taste )

1. Put potato and carrot into the water.  ( pour water into the pan first ).
2. Bring water to boil.  Add pork.  Add dashi or if you don't have it, use Maggi's.
3.  Check if potato and carrot is cooked. Add miso here.  Dissolve it well .   Add chopped scallion.

Enjoy simple meal !

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