Something Beautiful

I talked with a friend yesterday.... we agreed that people here ( even in Tokyo ) are stressed out.  Still gets shaky, radiation, that tsunami shock...  

It may have given you the same stress ... sorry and thank you for still reading my blog.

Don't worry, if you can't do anything for the people in the affected area.  I'm sure they will need long time support, so if you could remember them, don't forget about them.  At the moment, you must be worried about the radiation and I wouldn't push  you to come over here, but when things are settled, please visit Japan !

Also, in your daily life, if you go for any shopping, if there are choices, please buy products made in Japan !  These are helpful, too !

OK, I was going to write about something beautiful...

I have a plan to go to RAKUGO ( sitdown comedy show ) later this month, this is to laugh.  Something funny is helpful.... another thing which could work ( at least for me ) is to see something beautiful.

I'd better do something.... will visit museum this weekend !  I have a brunch appointment, so maybe before or after... 


Anonymous said...

You know... if I've had the chance right now to go to Japan, I would have been there yesterday, even with the radiation and shakes and everything. And I mean it. :)

But right now what I'm doing so far is learning Japanese, although I'm still in my "early stages". Hoping to do a trip there soon and I'm planning to enjoy it! :)

Yasuko Watanabe said...


Really !? Good to know that.

Hope you enjoy studying Japanese. Yes, if you can speak, you will enjoy more.

Good luck !