Series Shimokitazawa No.2-VII dill fait beau !

White Comforter Cover/ Price is reasonable
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This concludes - dill fait beau ! - .

If you visit, you will enjoy looking at these items.  Ms. Yamane speaks English and some Chinese.

Rings, Earrings, Necklaces
Any other specialties ?
"Lingerie pouches, pouches for accessories.  Baby clothes, dresses, clothes for children.  Most of our customers are women, but male customers also visit us to purchase gifts.  Some customers have stocks of our products so that they can give people when they have guests at home.

We do accept orders for name stitches and made-to-orders.  "

"I try to choose chic and non-childish items.  I mean not 'too cute '.  Items... practical enough... because I 'd like my customers enjoy these embroideries in their daily life and make them happy.   "       "  There are customers in 20s, but many 60s and 70s.  This is because they do respect traditional Japanese customs more.
They try to give something in return.... to show their appreciation and to say thank you.  Customers in 30s and 40s seems to buy our items for their own use.  "

She visits Vietnam to buy some items for the shop.  "  Yes, I do visit Vietnam about twice a year.  Before starting this business, I visited them and researched.   Their embroidery is well known.  For me, it's almost like - Going Home-, for I already have many friends there.... to ask for motorcycle ride, to stay at their home..."

Why she chose this town.... Shimokitazawa, Setagaya ?
" I used to live here.  That's one reason.  Another is this space was perfect.  I didn't want such huge space.  This must be fate. "

" Shimokitazawa has diversity.... you will come back.  There are small noodle shop ( selling noodle ) SHIMADA SEIMEN or okoshi factory( rice crispy candy cubes ) which I buy as gifts.  These bring back memories of Japan's old time.  Children and parents can enjoy together.  Mothers and daughters can get friendly here.  Sometimes I welcome customers coming with 3 generations or 4 generations together !  "

" Please feel free to stop by and check out or to talk to me. "

Lastly again, the deadline for fun, encouraging dust clothes'  is April 11.  Thank you.
Toilet Roll Case

Lingerie Pouch

T- shirts for small children


Elle ॐ said...

That white comforter cover is so beautiful and delicate. She has really good products there...

Thank you for sharing. I'm in love with that comforter!

Yasuko Watanabe said...


It is beautiful. Nice comment, thanks. She'll be pleased.