Series Shimokitazawa No.2-VI dill fait beau !

Girly Designs
Two more post including this for lovely " dill fait beau !".

Today, I'd like to show you cute items from them.

Girly pouch ... I would use them for cosmetics such as lip sticks, mirror.

The bottom shows small bag and smaller items.

The basket has pocket tissue case, small pouches.... good for earrings, rings or you can pack some potpourri....       I asked her if these are mainly handmade and hand-embroidered.  "  90 %, yes. However, when the design is outstanding, I do choose those items even they are machine embroidered.  Our standard bags are the examples.  Those are actually made by male creator and his idea comes out when he make stitches with machine.... it just come out spontaneously.   That turns out beautiful pattern.    When he makes them, he only draws simple, just put some marks on the fabric, he turns the fabric and.... amazingly, flowers , butterflies. "

She makes items as well.  There are also products from Vietnam. ( famous for high quality embroidery. ) She explains.  " Yes, there are my own products.  Other than that, there are products I bought in Vietnam, some I ordered and had them make in Vietnam.  There are also items created by Japanese creators.  Accessories are mostly made by creators. "

Handy Items/ Cute and Smaller Size

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