Series Shimokitazawa No.2-IV dill fait beau !

Delicate Attention of Ms. Yamane

The left is flowers placed at the entrance
creating cozy, warm ambiance.  I feel this natural flowers are showing Ms. Yamane's sensitive, delicate attention.

She explained about the project.
" There maybe clean, unused towels at your home.  Some towels given by hotels, shops etc.  My plan is to make dust clothes from these towels with encouraging, heart-warming embroideries.   I wanted to do something for Tohoku Region so that people there can use.  Designs that could make them smile, if you take that time.   When I thought about - what i could do ? -, I first thought - tooth brushes ? etc...-.  My shop is hand made, embroidery shop.  This idea just popped up in my head.  It could be used to remove dusts, etc. "
Another Dust Cloth Sample made by Ms. Yamane

Lingerie Pouch 

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