Series Shimokitazawa No.2-III / Support Project for Tohoku Region

"Ladybug and Clover for Good Luck !"
Before continuing Ms. Yamane's story,
let me introduce her project which she is working on.

" Fun, Cheering Dustcloth Wanted "
If you have clean towels,which are sometimes piled up in your storage, can you please make these and donate ?

Lefts are examples.
"We Love You"
Deadline:Monday, April 11, 2011
Send to : Ms. Yamane @Dill Fait Beau !
1F, 2-37-16 Kitazawa, Setagaya-ku,
Tokyo, Japan 155-0031

Material: Thin Gift towels, Hotel / Ryokan (Inn ) Towels.

Theme: Fun, Encouraging Dust Cloth
Machine Stitch or Hand Stitching with Embroideries.
Size: approximately 22X34 CM ( If you fold face towel twice, it could be about this size. )

Precaution: Has to be easy to use @ sites.  Please avoid unevenness, buttons, patches.  Please also double check if there isn't any needle left, for it might hurt people who are going to use them.

Cheering, heart-warming, dream-inspiring designs, please.
Ms. Yamane will pack all the dust clothes collected and send them to Tohoku Region.

If you are bringing into the shop, 1pm - 5pm except Tuesdays, please.

I will continue Ms. Yamane's interview after this.  Thanks for your interest.

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