Series Shimokitazawa No.2-II / dill fait beau ! broderie maison

Ms. Yamane is making stitches
Ms. Yumi Yamane is making stitches here in the left photo.

How long have you been running this shop ?  How did you come here ?
I asked.  It must require quite a commitment and courage.
She says, " This is our 8th year.  I used to be in financial industry.  After working 2 companies, I started considering of career move again.  Then, I thought--- I'd like to challenge something challenge.  Then, decided to look in the world of 'fabric, textile', which I've always loved. ' I probably have personality to start acting immediately. "   " This new project I have been working.... this was also like that.
I decided , right after that, I started moving.  Let me introduce this project after this.  This project is to support those people who were affected by earthquake disaster.  "

I will show you more photos and our talks tomorrow.  If you have unused towels at home, you could join this !

Hand Embroidered Bag

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