Series Shimokitazawa IV-III Hair Salon "fino!"

illustration and butterfly ornament

There are only two chairs for cutting and another two for shampoo.

Small, cozy ambiance.

Before opening this shop here, his shop was on the other side of the station of Shimokitazawa.  That rent of that place was limited for 2 years.  He was looking for a place before the end of the contract and found here.

Why he chose Shimokitazawa ?
" Well, I have many friends here.  When I open the shop, Shimokitazawa will be the location. I had decided.  "

"This is homey town.  Friends, acquaintances are here and it's entertaining. "

" There are actually many foreign people here.... living or visiting... various nationality here.  When you come to Tokyo, don't forget to visit this town ! "

I will give you the direction to "fino!" tomorrow.  During your visit, if you'd like to have reasonable, yet professional, relaxing shampoo time, this is the place !


Anonymous said...

this is so much ,, being able to see right into your everyday life,, I love the butterfly decoration,,thank you,

Yasuko Watanabe said...

thank you for your comment as always.