Series Shimokitazawa IV-II Hair Salon " fino !"

Mr. 'fino !'
The owner, hair stylist is on the left.
He says " I'm not a good talker....". embarrassingly.

That's fine for clients.  He doesn't talk much, he talks moderately and I think clients would feel relaxed.  They would listen to him. ( I would)

Without talking, his salon shows his policy.
Simple, comfortable, quiet, adult-oriented.

I explained why I needed the shampoo, the first time I visited his place.

Quietly, he nodded and sympathized.

One time, probably I looked tired and tense.  He felt it.  He suggested ( in moderation) me taking that evening off... not to work any more.  He was right.
If I continued, I would have felt even more tired with less productivity.  Insightful advice.

The shampoo is reasonable, but it doesn't mean his job is cheap.  He takes enough time and makes sure if he shampooed enough.  Plus, if you'd like, for 500 yen, he gives you extra head massage for 5 min.
That's also relaxing.   I've visited fino! about 4 times to date.  Last time, I tried this 5 min. massage.  Still, this total price for 4 times is almost same as 1 shampoo & blow-dry at other salon prices.

There are latest magazines near the entrance in case you have to wait while he is cleaning the floor.... sweeping the floor of the hair from previous customer.

Cooking magazine, travel magazine.... also post cards are adding some colors.

Inside the Salon


Anonymous said...

I think I would enjoy the quiet calm of this salon.I don't like a lot of pointless chatter, well,,, unless I'm the one chattering.I think I saw you in one of the photos,, you pointed yourself out in commentary, if I'm correct you have lovely hair.Quite long I think,,

Yasuko Watanabe said...

thanks for the comment.

this is the longest i've ever had. usually shoulder length or shorter, sometimes short. thanks.

i've been to popular/ charismatic stylist's salon before and it was uncomfortable.

when women go to hair salon, we expect to enjoy relaxation there !