Series Shimokitazawa IV-I Hair Salon " fino !"

fino !
Thanks for waiting !
This is 'fino !' located just 3 minutes from my place.

The owner, hair stylist is working in this salon alone, so when you visit, mostly you're the only customer.... therefore, you can relax and it's like almost your private salon. 

When I found this place, I wanted to try this place ,but since I had another salon I visit for my hair cut,  I didn't have a chance.  

The chance came.... after that big earthquake.  As mentioned before, I was scared to shampoo after March 11.  Of course, I have to shampoo ( which is every other day during Winter and everyday during Summer .) and I'd been doing it very quickly feeling little uneasy.... thinking " if the quake hit now.... ".. 

I decided to try this salon.  The price was attractively reasonable.  It depends on the length. My hair is now long.  It's still 1150 yen.  equivalent to ( based on current forex) US$14.  no tip in Japan.  So, this is all you pay for both shampoo ( 1st and 2nd shampoo ) and blow-dry.   If you go to other salon in this area, easily it would cost 3,500 yen or 5,000 yen.  

I will start introducing the salon....Look forward to it !  


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to more photos,beautiful,,

Yasuko Watanabe said...


thank you. will write more tomorrow.