Save Iwate --- Supplies Needed

Let me introduce Save Iwate's information:( only in Japanese )

This is volunteer organization and therefore, they do move quickly and practically.
( At the moment, official work is taking time ie: for donation allocation etc...)

As I mentioned previously, major centers receive supplies first.
There are small evacuee centers still short of supplies.

When you send items in boxes or envelopes, please write on the top what's in side.
It takes extra time for them sorting out the items.

ie) Soaps and Shampoos

Atten: Save Iwate Office
Nataya-cho 9-36 , Morioka City, Iwate Prefecture, Japan 020-0827

As of April 8, the followings are needed: ( excluded too large items or thing inappropriate for shipping from overseas)

canned food ( especially meat, fish ) , retort pouch, curry set
sports drink, orange juice for children, baby food, vegetable juice
instant coffee, tea bags
seasonings ( vinegar, olive oil, pepper, sesame oil etc..)
dietary supplement
sweets ( chocolate, candy etc. )

storage bins
paper cups, paper plates,chop sticks(disposable) ,plastic wrap
tools ( nail, hammer etc.)
basin, soap, washboard,clothes pin,  laundry line etc. for laundry.
XL jackets
socks ( brand new ) , underwear ( brand new )
T shirts ( brand new )
clean sheets,comforter, mattress
rain coats
large bags

sanitary items, toilet paper, box tissue
tooth paste, shampoo, razor, soap
lip balm, Q tips, nail scissors
skin lotion, moisturiser
candle, flash lights
toys for kids

Thank you for your attention and cooperation in advance.

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