"Save Iwate" Bank Account Information

A friend of mine is struggling in a back country in Iwate Prefecture, an affected area by the quake and tsunami.  Unfortunately, the website of Save Iwate is only in Japanese.  I'll try to update their current status and the items they need as much as possible.  For now, let me advise you their bank account information in case you could donate directly.

Apparently, the donated money and products are allocated to the major cities or evacuation centers first, and these minor cities haven't received enough supplies.  Will try to update more information such as products over this weekend. 

Bank Account Information

Bank Name The Bank of Iwate, Ltd.
Branch Nakanohashi Branch
Branch No. Branch No.100
Type of Account Futsu Kouza (Checking Account)
Account No. 100-2042867
Beneficiary’s Name Save Iwate Daihyou Terai Yosio
Beneficiary’s address/
Telephone Number Iwateken Moriokashi Simonohashichou 7-36/

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