Re-Union of High School Basketball Club @ Mikasa Kaikan III

Charolais Veal Poele/ Spring Cabbage on the Side
The food at Mikasa Kaikan was very good.
I don't remember when I came here....
Not everyday place in many ways.

Semi-formal, Ginza, dining.....price-wise also... not everyday.. this was also course menu.

Good food and good service.

This lunch gathering was from 12:00 o'clock.  Before this and after this, our class had coffee and soft drinks and kept chatting and exchanged information.

One thing, a friend brought up was interesting since I remember I just talked about this at some other opportunities with other female friends.

That is " we were on border line or we are in that generation."  What generation ?
It is " Equal Employment Opportunity Law".  That was enacted in 1986.

Also, have you read ' Cinderella Complex ' ?  ( Written by Colette Dowling and published in 1981 )   Our generation or many girls, female friends including me felt that we need to empower ourselves and need to do our best for the following generation.

When we worked hard, it was not only for ourselves.

Do we see glass ceiling yet ?  Yes,  I still hear and see that in corporate world.
However, the situation has been much improved.... compared to the time of our graduation.... 80's.

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