Re-Union of High School Basketball Club @ Mikasa Kaikan IV

There is another pic, so just one more post for this gathering.

All the year spoke in front of the people.

Thanked to Ms. Endo and other two coaches who were attending the gathering as graduates.

Back in 80's, we couldn't drink water during the training.  It was prohibited.

They didn't know it was no good scientifically.  Therefore, especially during Summer Training, which lasted for 3 hours in the morning, no water, no sports drink.
After the training, it was easy to finish drinking over 1 litter water. 

I remember my mother used to ask me " what are you doing everyday for basketball?  this T-shirt, I can squeeze...." that was my sweat !   clammy !  

Also, I remember I was told by a coach that we shouldn't swim... since the muscle used for swimming is different from basketball.  Really ?  I loved swimming, but followed her words.  

Also, I used to take piano lessons.  I often sprained my fingers from basketball.
My piano instructor told me that I should choose either piano or basketball.
I chose basketball.  I knew I could play piano later when I got older, but that was the only time I could play basketball with team mates.   I could have played basketball after high school ... still the best performance would be probably only during high school.  

I still have no regrets for my decision.  I learned a lot there.  I started playing piano again when I got much older.  I can't play basketball now because of bad knees, but I sometimes play piano.  I feel I was right. 


Apotheosis said...

Ah! No one does better sweets than the Japanese, being local mochi and the like or your own unique twists on French or European patisseries. I've had the best sweets of my life in Tokyo!
As for the knees, I sympathise, mine are damaged too after 13 years of Aikido.

Yasuko Watanabe said...

Thanks for the comment.

I'm curious what kind of sweets you had and where.

Oh, you did Aikido. I know.... knees are the key part for any sports, so I try not to hustle too much. :-)


Apotheosis said...

Loads, from traditional tea mochi, to crepe based with fruit and cream, bean paste filled sweets, chocolate based deserts and quite a bit more! I had them in Shinjuku, Ginza and a few other places whose names I forget.
Yes, knees are important! Still painful to train but Aikido is a bi part of mynlife, so I guess I have to live with he pain.

Yasuko Watanabe said...

thanks for the comment. ah, somebody has told me that my blog doesn't have much sweets. i guess i should show you more..... the thing is when i eat sweets, i start eating before thinking about taking photo.

your sweets experience sounds intriguing.

i like both japanese and fusion, western sweets.

hmmmm. i need something now !