Re-Union of High School Basketball Club @ Mikasa Kaikan

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There were about 50 people.
My table had 7 people who were all my class mates @ school.

We felt so odd there since we were the youngest year in the gathering !

In everyday life we feel we are middle aged, so it was odd !

It seems the message was delivered only up to our year and younger people didn't get the message this time.
Our team was not very strong.... also, people in other years especially those senpai ( senior people ) who were both good at basketball and study seemed to be well connected and in touch frequently, we were very bad.... actually, to find some of the friends, I needed to ask a friend of mine who lives in Paris " do you know where she is !? " !!!  We were joking " when it comes to food, party, we are the first ones to come !" :-)

It was nice to catch up with each other @ this table.... then hearing about other people and talking to other senpai.  Hope we can do this every year from now on.

This was the first time to get together as " basketball club " after graduation.

Thanks to Ms. Endo, who used to be our head coach again.  She passed away last December and therefore we started talking about this some senior people started contacting people to hold this party.

One regret is that we didn't have this while she was still alive.  She connected all of us again here.... hoping she was watching this and with us.

While we thanked to Ms. Endo seriously, we remembered all the silly things we did when we were young..... it was great Saturday.


laurie said...

what wonderful event.Your writing is just so touching about your teacher,,lovely photos, I hope you have a wonderful day,,

Yasuko Watanabe said...


thank you. looking back from now, we understand that this teacher was one of the greatest for us.

she was very strict, harsh....when she tried to teach us something important. not just sports.

it was lovely event. same to you. have a wonderful week.