NHK Program - What is going on in Fukushima Area ?

Sigh for the people who were directly affected and forced to move out of their own village.  When I say directly.... this means they might lose their homes... we don't know yet, but there is possibility.  Some of them have already lost their family members and they can't even go look for the remains due to the radiation.

Sigh for the future for the affected area.  I'd like to do and will try to do something,which I don't know what at the moment.... if it's for those people or if it's to change something at all... but right after watching the program, it is so depressing.  The impact from the radiation is worse than Three Mile Island Accident.

The tone of broadcasting... at least @ NHK has been changed, I can see.  There is a little hope although it was depressing to see the fact, the program tried  to deliver people's real message and explained what should be done now and from now on.

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