NHK ETV / Nuke Power Plant

Nuke plant issues involves wide range of topics.... radiation, TEPCO, media and government. I am still trying to catch up with the information.

One thing I can tell you as of today is that " information " was not properly disclosed.
This confused people and created people's distrust in TEPCO and government announcement.  If I try to explain it.... will be endless .. so if I try to say one thing.. this is the one.

The difficulty is .... this is my thought.... TEPCO is very big sponsor for commercial broadcasters... so it is probably difficult to criticize or to provide negative information on TEPCO.  As to professors or researchers.... if they are sponsored by TEPCO or government related organization driving nuke power, it's difficult for them also to mention something negative....some say they are trying to avoid panic...
Yet, if it feels like being in old soviet union... people have to read... what is not mentioned has some realty... no good.

People have realized that the news on major TV is not fulfilling their desire " want to know the reality ", so internet , SNS and twitter has been our main information source.  People gather information and then decide which information is more trustworthy and reliable... at the end of the day, that's decision of individuals.  Also, this is the case, if the person has IT literacy... I do read news on internet and watch TV, but internet has much more information.  Thanks to the technology.  However, if the radiation level exceeds international standard, it is government's responsibility to advise people to move and their living and income should be guaranteed by either TEPCO or government.

SNS, Twitter and Internet Information was helpful to spread " help " " support " programs, projects and information to support those people in affected areas.  Everybody here is trying to do something... something one can do.

NHK's educational channel was brave enough to introduce local people's anger....
last night.  It showed people who have lived near the plant and their troubled life and work.  Fishermen, Farmers.... can they go back ?  Probably not in years.
There was actually a man who killed himself.... he was cultivating organic cabbage.

We will need to keep watching the situation and this is probably the time to start talking about  sustainable energy and our life style.  Probably we wouldn't need 24 hour open fully lit convenience stores.  ( I don't mind at all !  Compared to this confusion and troubled people. )

That NHK program was introducing voices of local people and sites...and there was conversation between a chief priest of a local temple ( also award winning writer ) and a non-fiction writer.  The priest said " It is imperious and arrogant ... to think that humankind can control mother nature. "


Anonymous said...

It'd be good to watch that program if there's a English version of it. I'll search for it...

Yasuko Watanabe said...


Hope you can find one.... thanks for checking.