" Nanbu Bijin ( Nanbu Beauty ) " Sake from Iwate Prefecture Message

I tried to write in the previous post, but somehow I couldn't.
This video is the message from Iwate Prefecture's Sake Brewery.

Their Sake is " Nanbu Bijin ". Mr. Kuji is the 5th generation of this brewery.
If I could work on the translation during weekend or sometime.... I will.
( cannot promise at the moment )

For now, let me explain what he is saying briefly here.
--- Thank you for your support and concern on quake and tsunami. Actually, our place was also damaged... a part of chimney was broken.  Old storehouse was also damaged....  We received lots of supporting supplies, thank you so much, we are grateful to your kindness.  We appreciate your monetary donation also.  Please do not ban yourselves from drinking.  That could cause secondary damage on us... economically.

Sake helps to cheer you up.... has power to heal you.  Please drink and enjoy.
That would help us.  -----

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