"The Kids Are All Right " Released in Tokyo

Vegan Breakfast 

I totally forgot about my school's gathering.  This is like for the whole schools' ( Jr. high, Sr. high and college ) Almuni Association Meeting and Party.

Last year I attended and it was so nice to see all the friends there, yet this year originally I was planning to attend.

I guess with all the confusion of earthquake and nuke plant / radiation issue, I totally forgot.  I was looking forward to meeting my friend who lives in Paris ( she comes to attend this as the rep of French division ).  Sorry.  I have to write her soon.

What I was doing... ?  House keeping and some work and then went to see this movie in Shibuya.    It was much better than expected.  The script was great.
You can enjoy from different aspects... married couple's growth... gay couple ... love affair. ....family .... artificial insemination ( I remember when I was taking a short English course in California, I visited a sperm bank in Escondido ... not for myself !.... as a field trip of the current topics' class ... ) , independence of a child....etc. etc...

Yesterday was the first release day.  Cine Quinto... located on 8th floor of Parco Part 3.

If you keep the 1/2 ticket, when you come back for your next movie, you can get discount and get the ticket for 1,000 yen.  Isn't this great ?  I didn't know that. ( Regular price is 1,800 yen. )

Oh, yes.  That breakfast.... I'm not really vegan, but trying to watch my condition and had this yesterday... steamed brown rice and miso soup.  Miso soup had potato, bean sprouts, cabbage and boiled soy bean.

PARCO Part 3:
PARCO Part3 in Shibuya 

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