Gossiping ? Well, Studying Relationships ♡

I wanted to write about Japan's situation also.  That will be too long for today, so let me write about this sort of more casual, gossipy conversation.

Trust me, I'm not mean ( when I'm in bad mood, or if somebody is mean to me, I do fight back, but otherwise.... ) person.  I won't give any name of the person, of course.
I don't know this lady.... she is a friend of mine.

I had lunch the other day with a good friend of mine.  We went to same private school together.  I trust her and she is nice person who is trying to help this single friend.  My friend is married, has a child.

This friend of hers is trying to find a husband.   This friend is using some social network service to meet men to date.

She started dating this man who she thought " nice " meaning his look, job, income etc. met her standard.  They started dating, but he never invites her to his home always excusing himself like " oh, today the dog is in bad mood. " or " it's real mess etc. "  Then I said " Isn't he married ? "  Bingo !  She found it out and got really angry.

Guess, what she did !  She sued him and won 5 million yen.  Wow !
My friend continued.  " This is not the end of the story.  "
This woman asked him to come to some hotel lobby and made him apologize in public space.  He knelt and  bowed till his forehead touched the floor and apologized about his lie.  The woman kicked his head and placed her high-heeled shoe on his head !!!

Scary !  Watch out, gentlemen !  Never lie to women !


Anonymous said...

Wow! that was scary indeed!.

Karma works in mysterious ways :D

Yasuko Watanabe said...

Indeed. It sounds like movie or novel.