Farmers' Market in front of UNU

 I forgot to ask his name or his shop name.  Thanks to him.

We had little chat and he told me how to cook this vegetable... colorful Swiss Chard.  "  Cook it with anchovy , it is good.  If boil it little before that, that will remove bitterness. "

Carrots and Swiss Chard I bought from him.

At this kind of market, chatting, interacting with farmers or people who made the products is additional fun.


Anonymous said...

lovely photos , its nice ti interact with the venders at the Farmers Market.We have a Farmers Market in this small city,, population 65,ooo its out doors from june until september then goes indoors for winter october until may.We have very long winters here in Sault Ste.Marie Ontario canada.There are no real fresh foods all winter except organic meat, honey, eggs, the rest are pickles and jams , jellies.Lots of handi crafts as well.Candles, knitting, sewing, weaving, jewelry that sort of thing.There are Alpaca farms here and the yarn is glorious.Come spring the fresh vegies start,, then fruits,, we have a short growing season,,thankyou so much for your beautiful photos.

Yasuko Watanabe said...

thank you.

i've been to several places in canada, but no to ontario.
hope i can visit your area sometime in the future.

candles, knitting etc.... i'd love to see them.

alpaca farm... i see, they live in cold areas. didn't know though that they are in your area.

thanks for the information ! i love seasons....and changes of the season...when we can feel the power of the nature....and food !