Cherry Blossom Parties should be Restrained ?

As to the previous post, this could be related:
( quated from Wall Street Journal partially )

"Spring is in the air and the cherry blossoms are coming into bloom in parks all over Tokyo. Normally, it’s a highlight of the year, when Tokyoites gear up for the annual season of “hanami” parties – merry gatherings where people eat lots and drink more under the cherry blossoms.
But these are strange days in the capital, just two and a half weeks after the March disaster, with the Fukushima nuclear crisis still unfolding just 200 kilometers away.
While some city dwellers could sorely use a chance to unwind, and even inject a little more money into the capital’s economy, some say it’s a time for sober reflection and solidarity with those suffering in the northeast of the country.
That’s the line taken by conservative Tokyo Governor Shintaro Ishihara, who’s urged the public to practice self-restraint this year.
“It’s not the kind of situation for people to drink a lot of and have a pleasant time just because the cherry blossoms bloomed,” said the 78-year-old governor currently campaigning for his fourth term, on Tuesday according tolocal media. "

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