You Can Eat Oyster Any Time

Did you know that nowadays you do not have to worry about off season of oysters.... according to the waiter of this restaurant.
Yes, oysters can be imported from Australia or New Zealand.... ( when we are in Summer, they are in Winter ), but that's not only reason. Some part of Hokkaido ( Japan's northern island ) and Tohoku region ( North East of Japan) provide these restaurant oysters all the year around.

I had lunch @ Gumbo & Oyster Bar located on 8F of Lumine Est. For starter, we had this fresh oyster. Bigger ones are from Lake Saloma ( Hokkaido ) , although they are big, the flavor was rich and creamy. Then smaller ones are.... sorry, I forgot.

Then we had deep fried oysters. Yummy.... they are from Hiroshima prefecture. Big, fluffy. I enjoyed the good deal ! The fried oyster has side salad, rice and coffee. The price was 1,000.

What I shouldn't forget is the sauce.... it may look regular spicy, sauce with lemon.... no. This was strawberry sauce and grapefruit. This was first time that I tried oyster with strawberry sauce. They do match !

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