Today's Lunch @ Freshness Burger

Their classic cheese burger is delicious. I think.
They gave me a bottle of ketchup and mustard, but I didn't use them.

The beef is juicy and the tomato is thick and fresh.

mmmmm. Also, orange juice is real, squeezed one.

As you can see, restaurants are open ( they close bit early now to save energy )and there are foods. Just rice, bread and instant noodles sold at stores are running out. There are supplies, but because people are worried too much, it looks like they are short. Also, at least in Tokyo area, there you will see no damage. Buildings are there with no damage and people are walking and shopping normally.

The only change for us here is electric power supply ( in my area, not affected ) and train schedule. Train schedule is also the result of electric power supply and trains are little reduced to save energy. That is also getting better.

Tonight, there was some announcement that we might be short of power and sudden blackout might occur... yet, since the day of quake, I have always with power supply.

You never know when this kind of disaster come. I believe we just have to go back to everyday life and activate economy, for eventually that will save Japan.


Carol said...

We are hearing about the nuclear plant a lot. Are you in danger from that? What is going on?

Yasuko Watanabe said...
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Yasuko Watanabe said...


Good question. Well, I was suggested "leaving" Tokyo for this. At the moment, I am still here. Trying to gather information, but am not moving. for now.

Will write about that later.