Slept Well

I slept so well. I think we are all tired this weekend. Physically, there were some aftershocks and some new quakes ( smaller ) and our sleep was disturbed. Also, mentally probably we don't realize it,but surely stressed from all the confusion and worries... worries about quake, radiation, food shortage, power shortage and its preparation etc....

Slept like " sleeping beauty " although no prince showed up in my place to wake me up !
So, I had to get up and start my day, it starts with prince or without anyways !

It's so nice to have peaceful weekend. I'd like to clean up my place...wondering if I should do it now or tomorrow. Will see.

Phew. It seems people in quake/tsunami hit area started receiving foods and fuels. Military people, self defense people, all the related organizations are working hard. Thanks to them.


Anonymous said...

Oh! that "prince" thing not showing up to wake us, it's indeed a global crisis!!! :/

Hahahaha :D

Anyway... good to know everything is going fine. One day at a time.


Yasuko Watanabe said...

global assistance for this prince issue would be much appreciated...:-)

Anonymous said...

hahaha :D

Agree with that.