Series Shimokitazawa No.1 - II

These are the pair that I bought@ Mr. Tanaka's former shop.

These are too beautiful and I cannot wear usually.  Usually I use another one and these are for special occasion.

He continues " So, I decided to launch my own glasses shop.  I have wife and a child, so naturally my wife worried.  For 2 months, I worked as house husband and experienced all the work she has been working on.  It is hard work.  I can say it , I experienced and learned.  Then I promised her that I would do as much as I could and succeeded to convince her. "

Did he have enough money ?   "Well, that was hard part.  I asked around and found finance loan @ Setagaya -ward and Tokyo Metropolitan City Government.  Yes, I am still feeling nervous about it.  Yet, fortunately, I was able to open the shop on February 19th."

Shimokitazawa again ?  "  I chose Shimokitazawa.  The reason ?  well, this is the area  that former shop was located and I used to work at.  Customers are here.  I used to live here also.  When I found this space, I didn't hesitate to decide.  Immediately, decided. "

I remember the former boutique of this place.   Somehow, I never walked into the shop although this is very close to my place.

Mr. Tanaka goes " I think places have sort of 'qi' or ' air ' that you can feel as energy.  Life energy ?  something like that.  What I did was to sprinkle some salt to clean the qi and refresh it.  Tried to pray with my heart for good energy. "


Anonymous said...

Oh! Those pairs are just AWESOME!. Thank you for publishing these series, they give us another perspective.

And WOW! I think I'll dream about those pair of glasses tonight! :D

Jan said...

Good luck to Tanaka san! May his business prosper :)

Yasuko Watanabe said...

Dear Elle,

I'm glad that you like them, too !

Yasuko Watanabe said...

Dear Jan,

Nice comment ! Thank you.