Series Shimokitazawa No.1 - IV Kitazawa Glasses Atelier - Kitazawa Megane Kobo

Kitazawa Glasses Atelier
Let me wrap up Mr. Tanaka's talk today.
I had nice dinner with business associates tonight, then found good bar near my place !  ( ah, getting too late. )

The customers of Kitazawa Glasses Atelier ( or in Japanese Kitazawa Megane Kobo ) are vary... Japanese and Foreigners.  Mr. Tanaka is able to communicate with you in Japanese or body language or in written English.

Thank you for reading my blog and this series since this series means a lot to me.

Mr. Tanaka's message especially after the quake:
" Let's do what we can do.  It does not have to be big thing.  Small thing we could do is fine.  Talk to somebody near you.  Somebody in your community, near you.
It will be something.  Maybe it is not direct help to the the affected area, but that something could change things.  At least, here we are able to manage our lives here. "
I respect Mr. Tanaka's challenging spirit and message.

I had nice dinner and drinks tonight.  Hope I can introduce them shortly.
Also, there is a nice, reasonable hair salon where I found lately.

Look forward to it , please.  Thank you again.
Thank you for Mr. Tanaka.

Kitazawa Glasses Atelier can also fix your glasses, adjust the fitting or change lenses only.  If you show the problem, Mr. Tanaka will know, or write your requests in paper and show him.   He will try his best.

Direction to Kitazawa Megane Kobo ( Kitazawa Glasses Atelier ) :
Usually open @ 12:00.
Go to central exit @ Shimokitazwa Station.
Go to right, which is north exit.... Peacock Store / Hanahiro Flower Shop side.
Take a right, go straight.  You will find Yokohama Bank.
Turn left.  There are various shops.  Keep on going.  Kitazawa Glasses Atelier will be on your right.

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