Series Shimokitazawa No.1-III

Kitazawa Glasses Atelier 

Thank you for reading this series.  Today, there is some more words from Mr. Tanaka.

The allurement of this town ? " Unpretentious.  I think so, but if you'd like to come swank, you could do that, too.  See, this town is encompassing- meaning it could accept all kinds of style.  That is the class and the capacity which scoops up various thing...people.  Also, there are networks... or people are connected well with among other... helping each other.  There is some culture .. shops or owners are helping among others.... "

" Right, next is our products.  You can see them here.  Our products, glasses are often bought by people who are particular about glasses...or items...they'd like to have something very original.  They are not satisfied with " regular " items, they have their own style.  Still, our price range is not that expensive.  If you see this quality, you would feel reasonable.  Let me show you these prices.... frames are from 7,000 yen to 35,000 yen.  Lenses are depending on the vision, but the lowest is 2,100 yen for a pair.  Products are from Japan and overseas... 50/ 50.  Japan, Asia and Europe."

This interview was actually The March 11th.  Yes, here, at 2:46 p.m., we felt the quake.  10 pairs of glasses fell from the shelves.... ( none of them was broken ! )
We were like " ??? !!! This is big ! "  It lasted also.  We stopped talking and walked out to the street.  There people were frozen and we saw the telegraphic wires were swinging .... OK, enjoy these pics.... Both Mr. Tanaka and I knew this quake is really big in somewhere in Japan, but had no idea that this many people' lives have been lost..... I was going to wrap up this Series No.1 today, but this will be too long, so let me finish tomorrow with Mr. Tanaka's message to Japan and to the world, for we stopped talking after the quake, and had follow up meeting on the next Friday.  He has some message for all of us.

Kitazawa Glasses Atelier 
Entrance of Kitazawa Glasses Atelier 


Anonymous said...

Ow! Being made this interview during the quake, makes it somehow memorable; thanks for adding that fact. Uff :S

Thanks for the images... :)

Yasuko Watanabe said...


I feel this is a fate and my mission.

Thanks for your comment. It's always encouraging.