Nuclear Power Plant --- I am staying here in Japan

I 've received many messages regarding earthquake, tsunami and nuclear crisis. Thank you all.
First it was to check about me and people around me. Then, the concern was shift to nuclear.
Since yesterday, some friends including foreign friends living overseas have suggested me leaving Tokyo soon.

One friend of Tokyo called from Okayama ( far west ) and said she 'd moved and warned me " leave now before it's too late ! ". While other friends, clients etc. are still working here, her voice sounded desperate.

I gathered information, asked around and decided to stay. It seems the situation is little better now. That is one reason. Another reason is if I live closer to the plant, I should, but my place is 250 km away from the plant. Studied Chernobyl Disaster again. If I left with minimum items, I will have to come back later to pick up things anyways. Also, how long should I be away ? You have no answer. If the disaster affects here,almost same if I return later.

That friend called me this afternoon and apologized for her urgent warning and agitation.
Well, she has good heart and tried to help me. The information she was reading has bit agitating tone. hmmm, here again, it is difficult. For now, I trust my decision, but her warning could have been right.

What I do in these circumstances is to gather information ( trustworthy ) and ask your instinct and decide. This is sometimes very difficult. I am feeling right now... if we dump everything now, economy will stop. That will be 2nd disaster for Japan. Of course, if I really feel my life is in danger, I will leave, but for now, I will be staying.

There are foods and supplies @ stores. I just checked today. No confusion. One thing I am worried about is FUEL. Because of fuel shortage, the logistics are not functioning normally and that is one reason that the distribution to the stores is bit behind the schedule.

Hope things get better and the problems to be resolved shortly.


Carol said...

I'm glad you're keeping informed and keeping a clear head about this.
There are people here who are panicking about the radiation spreading over the Pacific to us. Apparently, it's hard to find iodine right now because people are buying it in anticipation of radiation. Our friend who is a scientist explained that it's unlikely, given the short half-life of the radiation, that it would be active by the time it got here. Also, rain will affect radiation as well, and we get frequent rain.
Amazing how this has affected so much more than Japan! There was an article online in our local newspaper about how "Radiation was detected" but then it goes on to say "The level of radiation was far too low to cause any harm to humans" I really dislike when they sensationalize things. It only causes more panic.
Good for you for staying calm. Take care and be safe.

Anonymous said...

You know... I think I must apologize for all that hysteria. It's really annoying for the rest of us how some of the media is trying to panic all of us, probably just for mere consumerism. It's just awful and pathetic.

I read news in English and Spanish (and I assume it's the same in the other languages; unfortunately I don't know Japanese otherwise I wouldn't have had so many heartaches all the time) and all of them are just the same, trying to scare all of us.

But the good thing are the blogosfere, which it's balancing all this, and that's why I've started to search for blogs there following my instinct as you said. I've seen pics and videos of how things are going there taken by bloggers living there, showing us that people are working and doing their everyday life and not panicking or else like some media are trying us to believe.

Good to know you're doing fine and thanks again for your blog...

Yasuko Watanabe said...


Surprised. Iodine on your side, that far away !?
It is amazing. As to my friends, I do appreciate their concern... they simply try to inform me. The thing is the media's sensationalism and some critics' agitation with no practical evidence.. when they say " it's gonna be a disaster." I want to hear the explanation " What kind of disaster ? " I wonder if some manufacturers are starting rumor to push people for more consumption.

Let's stay calm and focus on news based on evidence.
Thanks for your comment.


Yasuko Watanabe said...


Thank you for your comment. Oh, no, don't apologize.
We all learned from this experience and learned we need to focus on the REAL news and evidence.

There was some good article I read and let me try later if I could copy and paste it here.

Thanks for your comment !