Mr. Shigenori Tanaka of Kitazawa Glasses Atelier /Series Shinokitazawa No.1

Mr. Shigenori Tanaka, Owner

I am starting Shimokitazawa Series from today.  Hoping to introduce one shop a week.

Why I started this ?  Actually this was before the earthquake.  I will tell you the story later, but now I feel this is like my mission to work on this after the quake....
In this series, I'd like to introduce shop and the owner or people.... with face.
In this way, you could feel this town more close..... in the future, you might visit these shops.  I hope.  This is not advertisement.  More like original town guide.  Not just introducing foods and products.  I' d like you to feel this TOWN and PEOPLE.
Let me start with Mr. Tanaka... the series' first interview.

Mr. Tanaka is the owner of this eyeglasses shop.  The shop was opened in February.
"I was a big fan of movies and therefore, during college days, I was working at a movie theater.  After graduation, they upgraded my position to regular full time employee.  My interests were music, movie and fashion.... so, it was enjoyable,but when I thought about my future,  I felt that - I would need more income-.  "

Mr. Tanaka is affable and his talk is logical.  His explanation on his own venture interested me.

" I started looking for new job and found a company which was going to open new shop, which was the shop I worked at before this shop in Shimokitazawa.  That was when I was 28 years old. "  Then he came into this new industry.

The classified said ' Looking for somebody who loves fashion '.  For eyeglasses ?
Yes.  It is fashion also.  If you wear glasses, you would agree.
" I started working and found it so intriguing.  Eyeglasses have everything I like.
Eye test is sort of medical doctor's work... Making glasses and adjustment is craftsmanship, also it is fashion , considering all the designs.  Then when you sell, you meet customers ... talk to people.  Such a multiple work. "

Mr. Tanaka was enjoying his new job.  However, the company decided to withdraw from operating the shop.  Mr. Tanaka made up his mind...... to have his own shop.

Actually, I have a pair of glasses from his previous shop.  Tomorrow, I'll show you that.  Then will continue the story.

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