Matsushima / Miyagi

Tears rolled from my eyes.  I received a post card from Hotel Komatsu Kofutei.
This is the hotel I stayed at when I visited Sendai and Matsushima, Miyagi prefecture.
Miyagi is, as you know, the prefecture struck by the earthquake and tsunami.

Matsushima is on the coast line and their neighborhoods were forced to face this painful catastrophe.

I was worried about the people who I met there and the hotel and its people.
Then I read that area had relatively small damages.  There are hundreds of islands in their bay and they protected this beautiful area from disaster.

I kept looking for the information and finally found it.  Then I thought, " Still, there should be people who had lost their families, homes .... "

Of course, I hesitated... I wanted to send message, but they are too busy to recover from the disastrous event and.... my words cannot help them.  I wrote, though anyways.  Just wanted to send message of sympathy and that I'd like to visit them again, if it's possible.

The postcard was from the hotel manager.  He says " It was most encouraging.  We will try and welcome you again in the future. "


Carol said...

I think that words can help a lot, a whole lot! Just to know that someone out there is thinking about you and sending good thoughts is a great comfort. :-) It must have made their day to get your card.

Anonymous said...

Good you've followed your instinct and sent your message anyways.

Sending love... That's the most warmest support we can give. And it's effective.


Yasuko Watanabe said...

thank you for the comments. it's beautiful place. if you have a chance, please visit ! food is great !