Lunch Plate @ Cafe AKARI

All vegetable. Soup is made of bechamel sauce, sake lees, enoki mushroom etc...
The plate had deep fried dumpling, fried lotus root w/hijiki ( sort of seaweed ), pickles and fried cucumber w/balsamic, soy sauce.

It looks light, but filling. The rice was brown rice. If you chew well, it takes time and you would feel full.


Carol said...

Nothing to do with food or eating, I just want to know if you are ok?!
We've been hearing about the earthquake and the tsunami and I thought of you right away. I hope you are safe.

Yasuko Watanabe said...


thanks for checking. it was the biggest i've ever experienced. i'm in tokyo, as you know. still it was massive, so can't imagine how terrible it was in north eastern region. am watching tv news now.... it looks really bad.

i'm fine though. really appreciate your concern.

right now, i 'm cleaning up little mess. not so much, but still things fell down to the floor such as cosmetics, books and accessories....

am done mostly, just working on kitchen floor right now.