Little Laugh

This is a joke that my friend was tweeting. He copied and pasted from someoneelse's.

It may sound imprudent and discriminating,but don't take it seriously, please. It is about time to have little laugh. Actually, I have been watching shocking quake news and it has been depressing week.

Everybody knows that we are all praying for victims. Now we need to smile and move forward.

OK, here is the joke:

" How people would react to the scheduled blackouts ? "

US: Burglary in many stores.
China: Never mind, for it often happens.
France: Lovebirds talk.
Germany: Already prepared with solar batteries
Japan: Scheduled blackout was avoided due to nation's efforts of saving energy. People start getting angry, for the blackout was not conducted as scheduled :-)


Elle ॐ said...

hahahaha lol :D

In my case almost all our energy is sold to our neighbors (living in a corrupt country) and we're used to have blackouts all the time. At least in that case we're sort of unintentionally 'trained'.

Yasuko Watanabe said...

right. I feel Japan is using too much energy... convenience stores, department store.... I have to admit I am like insect and tend to be pulled to lights... such as bright lights of convenience stores....

it used to be much darker... streets should be bright enough for safety, but lights at shops... we can save more energy. It is a matter of habituation.

Elle ॐ said...

Yes, I agree with that... it's a matter of habit. We all are so dependent and we take everything for granted, until something like this happens and then we re-think our habits.

By the way, I'm really worried about the nuclear issue you're having there. I hope that can be solved soon.

Yasuko Watanabe said...

Dear Elle,

Thank for your words. It's time to rethink about our lifestyle.

Nuclear plant issue.... in Tokyo, that doesn't affect us much at the moment, but I am hoping the government or Electric Company resolve this situation ASAP.