List of Emergency Kit

If you live by seashore, probably the best thing to do is just run. Run to the higher place, upper hill, the top of the building.
It seems like this Tsunami hit those missing people within 10 minutes after the quake. In Iwate prefecture or Miyagi prefecture,
the waves were more than 10 meters and even 3rd floor or 4th floor were not high enough. I don't mean to scare you, just in case, wanted you to know the fact and hope you will not face this kind of incidents.

Let me write about this kit now. If you have this, it might help you in some ways or help some others around you.

1) Food
instant / readymade packed food/ canned food/ sea biscuit /chocolate or candy bars

2) Drinkable Water
for 3 days supply. I have 2 big bottles and 2 small bottles

3) Water
for toilet use etc. I am using fruit liquor bottle. 1 big one and 2 small ones.
This is not something you can carry, but if you are stuck at home and water supply was stopped, you can use this.

4) Medical Goods
antiseptic substance/ vulnerary/ gastrointestinal drug / cold med/ surgical cotton/ band-aid/cotton gauze
your daily medication / eye glasses or contact lenses

5) Necessities
tissue/flashlight/dry-cell batteries / radio / back up batteries / can opener /paper or aluminum plates /plastic wrap ( if you place this on plates, you don't have to wash plates )/chop sticks or spoon and folks / knife/ lighter / mobile phone and its
back up batteries/ sanitary goods / portable body warmer ( usually sold in package ) / towels / portable toilet or disposable toilet bag / garbage bag

6) Valuables
cash / stamp ( in japan instead of signature, name stamp is required ) / bank book / powdered milk or formula ( if you are with babies) +baby bottle

7) Clothes
hat or helmet ( actually, i need to buy one hard helmet ) / blanket/ underwear / sweater or sports jacket/ work gloves

8) Others
If you can put a pair of shoes by the bed, it's better to have one.
portable gas stove ( you can't carry this with you, but when all the infrastructure was cut off, this will help. )
oil marker / pen ( to leave message etc.)
sleeping bag

I have one light emergency kit and another for clothes etc. When you are running, you can't probably carry all these, so in that case, you can come back later if your home is safe or if you survived, so don't bring too much. If your place is on fire, or tsunami is coming, your life is the most important thing.

Also, if you have family and relatives, I would suggest to discuss ways of emergency communication. Nowadays, Facebook, Telecom Companies offer these services / finding missing people.

Hope it helps. Hope you don't have to use this, but by having this, you might feel better.


Carol said...

VERY helpful, thank you. The plastic wrap for plates is really smart and so are the garbage bags. Its been so easy for us to not think about preparing but with all this, we're faced with the reality that we HAVE to get things together.
Were you able to get out and go to work yet? Will this affect your income?

Anonymous said...

Thank you!

Yasuko Watanabe said...

glad if it's helpful for you. well, luckily, my place is half office, half home. i don't have to commute. i was thinking to set up an office in the future, but now feeling this is not bad.. saving time, no chaos...

income wise, no not at the moment. i don't think this quake will affect my business. one meeting had to be cancelled , but it was just postponed. i should make more money.... one of the reasons is that money could help those people.

as to this preparation, usually i forget. every once in a while we have earthquake, so i try to remind myself when i am still keen on this issue.