Lentil Soup for Cold Night

Lentil Soup ( w/ bacon, onion and herb )
A glass of red wine and short bread cookies.  Soup is lentil with bacon and onion.  Tonight's dinner.

Ingredients for Soup:
3 slices of bacon, 1/4 onion, herb ( dried herb, I used province mix and Italian mix, consisting of laurel, rosemary, oregano, basil, marjoram, thyme, parsley, fennel, sage ) maggie's soup powder ( 1 tea spoon )
a pinch of salt/ grape seed oil or olive oil

It said I should boil and cook lentils first, but I am too lazy, everything together !
1. cut bacon and onion coarsely.
2. heat the pan and add some oil.
3. cook bacon and onion well.
4. add  2 cups of water and soup powder.
5. add herbs.

Easy.  Warming.  Tasty.  Healthy.  Enjoy !

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