I need to work little more... will try to write during weekend.

Good news is paper products are now in stores.  Toilet rolls, tissue papers, paper towels.... instant noodles also.  Now water bottles are running out due to radiation influence.

Since the official announcement says the water is safe today( in Tokyo they said babies should shun the water as of yesterday ) , I wonder how we should treat these comments.  I'd like to study and consider the current situation carefully because I'd like to decide how to handle situations to avoid confusion ( confusion in my head ).

I said "I don't really care about nuke plant".  I can't.  The meaning is if I worry about it all the time, I cannot work, I cannot sleep.  What I need is to study more.

How people are reacting here ?   Some say, they don't trust whatever they hear any more.... saying real information does not come out.  Some say we cannot do much about it at the moment and the best thing is to live everyday life.

My stance ?   There are conflicting information here. Therefore...  1) I need to keep on working.= Today, Tomorrow is Important before thinking too much about future.  If I make mistakes in my business, I will lose that business.  I need to keep on working to keep my living.
2) I will prepare options for better future and be prepared for dangers and also when and how I will follow these options. = If there is anything we should worry about for future, I should think and take action.

Why I don't want to worry too much ?  If I worry too much, before something happens ( invisible future quake, invisible possible radiation problem, some kind of disasters only god knows ), I will be affected with stomach cancer from these worries. ( seriously ).  If I see something , something should be changed.  Our society, our lifestyle..... I will try to find specialists' advices or move forward to make some change.

One thing which annoys me lately is negative comments .... criticizing comments... it is meaningful to raise awareness, but then what ???  Just buzzing or are they going to take actions?

Today, a friend of mine called with an idea about some book.  Practical action.
I like that.

Thanks for reading.  I am planning to publish Series Shimokitazawa No.2 next week.
That will be probably later... Thursday or Friday, next week.

In the mean time, I will introduce my food etc....


Anonymous said...

Yes... it's good to not think to much on those things, 'cause by doing it we may fuel the wrong emotions.


Yasuko Watanabe said...


My next interview will be girly products ! I look forward to seeing this lady owner of the shop.

This project is giving me a power !


Anonymous said...

Oh! that will be wonderful!!!!.

And by the way, I was just thinking... of course if you would like to add this into your project. You know... I'm vegan and I was wondering if there is a veggie version of some of your traditional food, if there are some recipes, and if you have veggie restaurants there and etc. :D

(Just preparing myself for when I visit your country :))

Yasuko Watanabe said...

Dear Elle,

There is two vegetarian restaurants. One is called AKARI, I just wrote about it ( not the owner just place and food ) . Another is called Alicia.

I should meet them both and get interviews. I will try.

Thank you for your idea.