I cannot become Simone Weil

While my friend is going back and help her local evacuees who are suffering, I 'm eating normally although we have this nuke plant confusion.

Am I feeling guilty ?  To be honest with you, yes a bit, but I am trying to be grateful that we have food here.  Whenever, these disaster happens and I am doing fine, I remember my childhood.

My mother used to say " Eat them all.  Finish your plate.  Think about those people who cannot eat ! "  I didn't talk back to her ( it causes her hysteria ), but in my mind I thought ' Well, If I really think about those people, I cannot eat !  How can you eat when you can imagine them !? '

Yes, at dinner table, if you could think about them, you cannot really eat, don't you think ?  I feel like Simone Weil then.

However, I am weak against hunger and I cannot do ' Hunger Strike '.

Therefore, while I eat, I concentrate on eating and appreciate that the food is given and I am eating.    And the best thing I can do is trying to help in some possible ways.


Anonymous said...

It's inevitable to feel guilty. Although at the same time it feels so wrong, I mean... feeling guilty.

I think instead of using the word "guilty" (which is charged with negativity) I'd change it into "empathic".

This is empathy. :)

Yasuko Watanabe said...

good word. Thank you.